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    Maverick Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên Softvnn
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    Ajax and REST Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (Paperback)

    AUTHOR : by Christian Gross (Author)
    PUBLISHER : Apress publisher
    ISBN : 1590597346
    EDITION : 1st
    PUB DATE : December 18, 2006
    LANGUAGE : English
    RLS DATE : 05/06/2007

    SIZE : 07 x 2.88 MB

    [ R e l e a s e N o t e s ]

    Ajax and REST Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach will serve all of
    your Ajax needs, by providing adaptable solutions for common tasks
    you'll want to implement on web sites using the next generation of Ajax
    and REST techniques. As a JavaScript developer, your time is precious,
    so you'll want to solve problems that present themselves in your work as
    quickly as possible. You can pick up the code provided in this book,
    adapt it, or plug it straight into your own applications. The book
    mainly focuses on illustrating and explaining how to build applications
    that use JavaScript, Ajax, and REST Web Services, along with some user
    interface issues. Specifically, the following topics are covered:
    implementing JavaScript unit tests; explaining the intent of Dynamic
    Languages, Web Services and SOA; defining and implementing contracts
    using REST; understanding why JavaScript Functions have state;
    implementing JavaScript "Generics", which are a mixture between real
    Generics and a replacement algorithm; using code blocks; using functions
    to make decisions; understanding the difference of JavaScript code that
    behaves like a value type or a reference type; implementing proxies,
    delegates, mixins, and overloaded functions; implementing a complete
    Ajax and Web Service architecture; defining a Web Service using REST;
    handling large or slow or real-time data sets; implementing shopping
    cart type architectures; and solving the back button problem using Ajax.
    Having read this book you will learn how to modularize your web
    application by decoupling the client from the server. The decoupling
    allows a client developer to focus on writing the best JavaScript and
    Ajax code, and a server developer to write the best business and data


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    alphavn Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên Softvnn
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    Có bro nào có E-book cho ajax viết cho asp.net không cho mình xin với!nếu sách bằng tiếng việt thì càng tốt!

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    zoejoe Đang Ngoại tuyến Thành viên mới
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    Search trên google đi bạn Mình thấy có nhiều lắm.

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    nothing_special Đang Ngoại tuyến waiting...
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    Trích dẫn Gửi bởi alphavn Xem bài viết
    Có bro nào có E-book cho ajax viết cho asp.net không cho mình xin với!nếu sách bằng tiếng việt thì càng tốt!
    Bạn vào trang chính thức về ASP.NET của microsoft: http://asp.net/ajax/ Ở đây không chỉ có Ajax mà có tất cả những gì liên quan đến asp.net

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