Technical Analysis Webinars Series
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Darrell Jobman Webinars
Every Thursday at 3pm ET Darrell does a live webcast where he analyzes various markets and shows successful trading strategies for today's global markets. Each webcast will teach you something new that can be put into practice. For trading strategy development he will be using VantagePoint trading software, a program he personally uses to trade his own account. If you could not make the live event or want a refresher, these videos will be very worthwhile for you.
Technical analysis is used to predict a trading instrument's performance based on the past price history and its trading volume. The main tool in predicting this performance is the study of a price chart. These presentations utilize methods based on price and volume transformations. Indicators such as relative strength, moving averages and regressions figure prominently in the examples. As a statistical valuation method, the only variables considered in technical analysis are price and volume.
Darrell Jobman, the former editor of Futures Magazine shares insights in applying technical analysis to trading approaches. This pack consists of 4 webinars (approximately 50 minutes each):
How to Trade Channel Breakouts
Swing Trading Tactics to Trade Stock Indexes
Using Indicators to Trade Intraday Strategies
Kicking Moving Averages into a Higher Gear
Part 1: Tracking Price:
The first webinar starts by describing how futures markets work and what the price of a futures contract actually means to you as a trader. The many types of charts available to technical analysts are examined with explanations on how they are used in trading. The concepts of support and resistance are also explored.

Part 2: Basic Chart Patterns:
Darrell examines basic chart patterns and shows you how to identify continuation patterns, reversal patterns and those areas on a chart where no price activity means something.

Part 3: Price Patterns with Indicators:
You'll learn about the major technical indicators, how they are constructed and what they indicate about future prices. Darrell will also discuss situations in which the momentum of the marketplace leads to overbought or oversold conditions.

Part 4: Momentum Indicators:
You'll learn about stochastics and the Relative Strength Index (RSI), along with reversal signals provided by moving averages and MACD. The concept of divergence as a clue for trend change will also be explored.

Part 5: Predictive Indicators:
This primer on Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and cycles will explain the basics of these predictive indicators.

Part 6: Trading in the Real World:
Darrell will show you how to put together chart analysis, technical indicators, market psychology, risk management, and position sizing into a trading plan that fits your trading style.

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