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    [MS] AVS Image Converter (27-10-2011)


    Portable AVS Image Converter

    AVS Image Converter - convert piles of images to all key formats at one go! Make quick adjustments - resize, rotate, apply auto-correction settings. Select between a number of effects. Get your pictures ready to be printed or uploaded to websites!

    Using AVS Image Converter you can:

    - Convert several image files from one format to another;
    - Create animated GIF and PNG images;
    - Correct your pictures: rotate them, adjust brightness, contrast and colors, apply various effects and use auto color correction options;
    - Resize and crop your photos;
    - Add text or image watermark to your pictures;
    - View all the modifications while editing using the preview window;
    - Visually judge the progress of the image conversion process;
    - Convert your images from one format to another without opening the program using the right-click menu.

    Operating System: Windows 7, 2000, XP, and Vista. 32/64bit version


    Megashare |18.7 MB

    Password unrar: softvnn.com
    SOFTVNN IDOL 2011 - 10 ĐIỂM
    Lần sửa cuối bởi CheChơn, ngày 18-11-2011 lúc 09:57 AM.

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