Microsoft Windows 7 x86 x64 AiO 33in1 MSDN UNTOUCHED [DVD9] l 6.60 GB

There are two .ISO files one contents 33 Of Windows 7 Version the other is SP1 .ISO
it's also including 32 bit / 64 bit Version

Windows 7 Starter x86
Windows 7 Starter N x86
Windows 7 Starter E x86
Windows 7 Home Basic x86
Windows 7 Home Basic N x86
Windows 7 Home Basic E x86
Windows 7 Home Premium x86
Windows 7 Home Premium N x86
Windows 7 Home Premium E x86
Windows 7 Professional x86
Windows 7 Professional N x86
Windows 7 Professional E x86
Windows 7 Ultimate x86
Windows 7 Ultimate N x86
Windows 7 Ultimate E x86
Windows 7 Home Basic x64
Windows 7 Home Basic N x64
Windows 7 Home Basic E x64
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Windows 7 Home Premium N x64
Windows 7 Home Premium E x64
Windows 7 Professional x64
Windows 7 Professional N x64
Windows 7 Professional E x64
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Windows 7 Ultimate N x64
Windows 7 Ultimate E x64
Windows 7 Enterprise x86
Windows 7 Enterprise N x86
Windows 7 Enterprise E x86
Windows 7 Enterprise x64
Windows 7 Enterprise N x64
Windows 7 Enterprise E x64
Comes with Windows Loader v2.0.1 & 2.0.3 By Daz

Burn with any iso program.
This has been tested and burned successfully using Alcohol 120%.
Remember to burn at 2x speed.

This is a DVD9 not DVD5 as this is the MSDN one.
I had to remake the iso from the original one as it was burning coasters so when I did this time it burned successfully and has been tested on viral box.
I have not made any modification at all.

I only installed the windows 7 ultimate edition 32bit to see it would work and it did all the others should work as well

Note that sp1 has to be installed after you install os and it comes with sp1 iso that I got from Microsoft you can either burn it or mount it.

I have also included Windows7-USB-DVD-tool so you can install it on usb
This is the ultimate AIO as it comes with all Windows 7 versions.
I have also including a guide on how to install os on usb.
I have also included how to hide the KB971033 as well.

Windows 7 E does not have Internet explorer 8 installed.
Windows 7 N does not have windows media player installed by default and does not come with Internet explorer 8 installed.

The size of the windows iso is 4.68gb.

The size of the sp1 iso is 1.90gb.

Burn .ISOs to DVDs or Pendrives and boot from one of them.

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