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    NaviFirm V0.4 Cập nhật - Công cụ Tìm và tải về firmware, product codes

    Đây là công cụ để tải FW hay nhất và chắc rằng bạn không thề không biết , là bản cập nhật mới bổ sung 1 số tính năng mới . Hình ảnh :

    There Are Many New & Handy Features.The Changelog:

    NaviFirm V0.4
    -Maximizing Issue Fixed , Now the seprate 4 windows in Program main window correctly maximize
    -new design in download with IDM window For easier and better downloading
    -About Menu has been added(CREDITS TO EPICBIZNUS and Mohsen-unique)

    NaviFirm V0.3
    - Added Maximizing Feature to the whole window
    - Added word Serach box under Products & Variants Windows
    - Added Capability To copu URL in Download With IDM window
    - Added Capability To download Firmware Files With Internet Download Manager IDM

    The program may havebugs, Please test it and post the bugs for future releases.
    So if you have any suggestion for new Versions , Give them to me in this topic.

    This Program Has Been Developed By Mobilestan.net and unique-soft.ir Forum Users. Please If you Post this Program Somewhere else , mention the Source. My User ID in Mobilestan is MaKenZi and My Frined User ID is mohsen-Unique.
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