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    100 [MF][WII] Wario Land Shake It

    Wario Land Shake It [NTSC]


    • Tên game: WarioLand: Snake It!!!
    • Thể loại: Đi cảnh
    • Hệ: NTSC - U
    • Phát triển: Nintendo
    • Phát hành: Nintendo


    Wario Land: The Shake Dimension is an action platform game, and uses a similar gameplay style to that of Wario Land 4. The Shake Dimension (called Yuretopia in the Japanese version) is split into five continents. Each continent holds six stages (4 standard, 2-3 hidden) and a boss. It is Wario's duty to complete the stages and defeat the bosses at the end of the continent: Rollanratl, Hot Roderick, Chortlebot, Bloomsday (called Scumflower in the European version), Large Fry, and the Shake King. Most stages have secret passages and each contains three treasure chests and several sub-missions, i.e. gathering a certain amount of coins, finishing the stage in a certain amount of time, not taking any damage, etc. Wario's main goal is to free the Merfles, a small character who is trapped in every stage. Once Wario has collected him, he must back track through the stage in a limited time (this is not applicable in Subwarine levels). The Merfles hold signs that help you get back to the starting gate.

    The main way to progress through the game is to collect as much treasure as possible, generally done by finding sacks of money and shaking the coins out of them. The player can also shake stunned enemies to get health recovery items. When enough money is collected, Wario can purchase maps to unlock new levels, recovery potions to recover his health, and life vessels to extend his maximum health. Wario has a variety of moves ranging from his trademark shoulder charge to a butt stomp. By shaking the Wii Remote he can perform a punch that stuns on-screen enemies and raises certain obstacles. When running into a stunned enemy, he can either shake it to receive items or throw it by aiming with the Wii Remote. Some areas leading to hidden treasure are only accessible by using methods presented on the race back to the start, like using Max Fastostity Dasherators to break through metal barriers and cross long gaps.

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