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Chủ đề: Cheat Engine 6.2

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    Cheat Engine 6.2

    Cheat Engine 6.2

    # Removed stealthmode. (Someone could make a plugin for this, one probably more advanced than the old one)
    # Pointerscanner speed has been increased a lot
    # New Icon (thanks to Phox from the forum)
    # The pointerscanner can now scan for values
    # The pointerscanner now lets you specify an offset list that it has to end with.
    # Removed the injected pointerscanner
    # The auto assembler now supports code outside of [enable] and [disable] sections so it affects both
    # Resultcount is now comma seperated (thanks to infinito)
    # New kernelmode debugger
    # Added the ability to offload the current OS to dbvm (if your cpu supports it)
    # The driver is now 64-bit compatible. (You will have to sign it yourself, or reboot with unsigned driver support)
    # Rewrote the disassemblerview
    # Deleting addresses from a scanresult is now a bit faster
    # Changed the hotkey handler to be more controllable
    # New heaplist that works based on dll injection instead of toolhelp32
    # Dissectcode now helps finding referenced strings
    # Added a new Auto assembler command "aobscan(varname, arrayofbyte)"
    # Added a new Auto assembler command "assert(address, arrayofbyte)" which will make a script fail if the bytes aren't what they should be
    # Dissect data now works with offsets instead of sizes
    # Added the ability to follow pointers easily with Dissect Data
    # There's now a stacktrace visible during debugging (2 different types)
    # The registerview is gone as long as you're not debugging
    # CE now suppresses the "No disk" message when the systems searchpath is invalid
    # Added a common modulelist to the ce folder that you can edit. Include files that you do NOT want to go through when doing memory inspection
    # You can now open another pointerscanner window while another pointerscan is running and read the results.
    # The pointerscanner can now also scan for values
    # Added a string reference windows
    # Improved the plugin system:
    # You can now add auto assembler commands
    # You can now get a callback when the disassembler is being rendered
    # You can now add a plugin item to the context of the disassemler
    # etc...
    # Added (float)#, (double)# and (int)# support to the assembler, (double) is mainly usable in combination with the new DQ command though

    # Fix mov [reg],reg disassembly when a 16-bit prefix is used
    # Fixed some floating point assembler instructions
    # Taborder fix for "Value between scan" (infinito)
    # Fixed the Auto assembler code injection template with regard to the "Alt:" line
    # Jmp FAR instruction not shown properly in the disassembler
    # Fixed disassembler instructions that had a rep/repe prefix while they shouldn't
    # Fixed xorps instruction
    # Fixed assembler where segment registers are used
    # Fixed rm32,imm16 notations getting dowsized to rm32,imm8 while they should go rm32,imm32
    # Fixed hang when setting the window on top and then doing a scan
    # Fixed FILD qword instruction
    # Fixed FNSTSW AX instruction
    # Fixed FCOM instruction
    # Fixed IMUL,0a instruction
    # Fixed broken alt-key when the disassemblerview is focused
    # Fixed the bug where removing a assigned hotkey to a cheat table didn't work
    # Fixed the floating point panel. It now actually shows the floating point values...
    # Fixed several bugs in the Dissect Data window
    # Several gui fixes for high dpi systems

    Many thanks to everyone that reported bugs (e.g csimbi and Recifense) and suggestions.
    Thanks to Psy for helping with the helpfile
    And thanks to Oliver Sahr who has sent me a lot of suggestions, data and other information, which I will work through in the coming months. And probably make adjustments to the site accordingly

    As for the future of CE, perhaps I can finally continue work on the 64-bit port of CE...
    And again, if you encounter bugs, please let me know (forum pm/post, Bugreport or
    P.S.:If you have questions read the FAQ first, it may contain the answer to your problem, even if you don't like the answer
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