Getting started Unit 1 Communicating in English Lesson 1A Let's get to know each other! Lesson 1B Personal information Unit 2 All kinds of people Lesson 2A What do they look like? Lesson 2B Your personality Unit 3 Free time Lesson 3A What are your interests? Lesson 3B What sports do you like? Unit 4 People Lesson 4A Families Lesson 4B Friends Units 1-4 Expansion Unit 5 Money Lesson 5A Shopping and money Lesson 5B Saving and spending Unit 6 How was your trip? Lesson 6A Travel and tourism Lesson 6B Travel near and far Unit 7 Food and drink Lesson 7A Eating out Lesson 7B Food around the world Unit 8 Entertainment Lesson 8A Let's see a movie? Lesson 8B What on TV tonight? Units 5-8 Expansion Unit 9 Health Lesson 9A A healthy lifestyle Lesson 9B Sleep and dreams Unit 10 Self-improvement Lesson 10A Improve your memory! Lesson 10B Good advice Unit 11 In the city Lesson 11A How to get there Lesson 11B Plenty to do Unit 12 Customs Lesson 12A Holidays Lesson 12B Good manners Units 9-12 Expansion Unit 13 Famous people Lesson 13A Celebrities Lesson 13B Still famous Unit 14 Home, sweet home Lesson 14A My dream home Lesson 14B Unusual homes Unit 15 Then and now Lesson 15A Childhood memories Lesson 15B Fads and fashions Unit 16 The future Lesson 16A Hopes and dreams Lesson 16B The world in the future Units 13-16 Expansion Communication tasks Answers Self-study


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