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    [RS]WIDI Pro 3.3 Mp3 Audio To Midi Converter [5/9/2008]


    WIDI Pro 3.3 Mp3 Audio To Midi Converter
    File size : 3.22Mb

    WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter with extended options.

    The program converts CD tracks, MP3 and Wave files and automatically produces polyphonic MIDI files in several seconds.

    In addition, WIDI Recognition System is capable of converting music on the fly, as you sing or play a musical instrument.

    WIDI's innovative recognition algorithms guarantee the best conversion quality ever available.

    WIDI is designed for retrieving music notation from MP3 files, creating ringtones for cell phones, practicing or teaching music, and more. WIDI Recognition System Standard Edition does not contain TrueTone Editor.

    TrueTone Editor is the tool in the WIDI Recognition System Professional Edition that allows users to correct the results of automatic recognition with a visual comparison of spectrogram peaks to the notes.

    WIDI 3.2 Standard allows transposing MIDI files and replacing the musical instrument you are using with another one. WIDI 3.2 supports Recognition Presets for different types of music, predefined or created by user.

    WIDI is now able to work with stereo-recordings - to display them and also recognize channels individually and in various combinations. New Recognition Wizard will help you to get your first results just a few moments after the initial start-up, and familiarizes you with the program at the same time.

    Whether you are an amateur or a professional, WIDI will help you a great deal. Get your copy now!

    Homepage - Trang chủ


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